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Varilux S Series

Varilux S Seriesprovides Limitless Vision™ whatever the situation.

This new range is composed of 3 exceptional products:

Varilux S Design
Backed by two ground-breaking technologies – Nanoptix™ Technology and SynchronEyes™ Technology – Varilux S Design lenses are at the core of the Varilux S Series.

Varilux S Fit
Varilux S Fit lenses are the first step towards personalization within the Varilux S Series. Besides offering the advantages of Nanoptix and SynchronEyes Technologies, Varilux S Fit lenses also include position of wear measurements – Pantoscopic tilt, Wrap angle and Vertex distance.

Varilux S 4D
Backed by Nanoptix, SynchronEyes and the ground-breaking 4D Technology, Varilux S 4D lenses are a revolution in lens personalization. Varilux S 4D lenses are exclusive to Visioffice® doctors. In addition to position of wear, natural head posture and eye rotation center, Varilux S 4D lenses also include the leading, dominant eye measurement that allows patients to experience faster visual reaction time.



The Revolution in Lens Technology

Nanoptix Technology allows us to change the fundamental structure of a progressive lens.
The lens surface is made up of many optical elements, which are then re-engineered to allow light to pass through each optical element, without the unwanted deviation of light that causes swim effect.

The result: for the first time, a lens that not only virtually eliminates swim effect, but also offers never before achieved stability in motion.



The Revolution in Lens Technology

For the first time in progressive design, SynchronEyes Technology uses the Rx from both the left and right eyes to simultaneously calculate the lenses as a pair. This ensures that the design is built around both eyes working together as a visual system.

The result: Better retinal image matching and improved spatial perception, providing more expansive vision from edge to edge than ever before available in a progressive lens.



The Revolution Personalization

Everyone has a leading dominant eye - the eye that reaches the object being viewed first when we change gaze direction. Exclusively available with the Visioffice© System, only 4D Technology factors in this unique measurement, revolutionizing the benefits of personalization.

The result: The most sophisticated level of advancement in the Varilux S Series portfolio. Varilux S 4D lenses offer faster visual reaction time, allowing the wearer to experience gaze shifts so quick and automatic, vision is truly reflexive.


They darken. They polarize. They are your everyday lenses, re-imagined.


There are clear lenses that can darken. There are sunglasses that are polarized. But never before have everyday eyeglass lenses been able to both darken and polarize in bright, outdoor light. Until now.

We took the traditional Transitions lenses you know and love and added variable polarization - polarization that increases as the lenses get darker. And that means your vision gets crisper and sharper. Color contrast and perception becomes richer, vibrant and more vivid. All this, even in the brightest outdoor glare.

  • The world's first and only everyday lenses that are virtually clear indoors and darken and polarize outdoors

  • Noticeably crisper, sharper vision

  • Richer, vibrant and more vivid colors

  • Glass and water look more transparent outdoors

  • Glare is reduced to provide more comfort, even in the brightest sunlight

  • Block 100% of the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays




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Having issues with foggy lenses?

Tom Barrett Optical has a solution for you!





Essilor, the leader in ophthalmic optics, is always looking to improve the vision of eyeglass wearers, helping them to see the world better.

One common problem that affects eyeglass wearers is fog, which can cloud one’s vision and provide a frustrating hindrance – an unwanted and uncontrollable “blindfold”, that can appear unexpectedly and interfere with one’s daily life.

Indeed, of the 1.6 billion eyeglass wearers worldwide, 75% would like to have an anti-fog solution for their lenses to improve their vision
(2010 International consumer research on 1 493 wearers, in 7 countries –Ipsos.)

To find a solution to this issue, Essilor has developed Optifog, a breakthrough lens based on a technology covered by an international patent application. When combined with Optifog Activator, it provides immediate and efficient fog-free vision.


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